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A Word About Us

We have made it 38 years of the greatest journey of our lives called marriage. Sarah has been the most incredible wife and I (Scott) have been a pretty good compliment to that as her husband. Five kids were raised under our roof but they are all grown now and in various stages of their own marriage journey. We are the Grandparents of five grandchildren and we hope many more to come. 


Over the years it has always been my dream to do a long distance bike tour with Sarah. To be honest with you, Sarah did not share that dream and I get it, most wive's wouldn't. But I can't tell you how blessed I am to have a wife like her. She is not a big fan of riding bikes due to an accident she had as a child but one day I came up with a great idea, "Honey let's rent a tandem bike."  To my surprise, she said "yes" and it was game on. We had a fantastically fun time on our first tandem bicycle touring journey.    

It was not long after our first ride, probably a couple of hours, that I was searching the internet for tandems to purchase. Tandems are quite the capital outlay and I put forth the idea to Sarah and the next thing you know we were off to have a custom bike built by da Vinci Designs in Denver. 

Last Summer we mounted our tandem in Astoria, Oregon and headed for Yorktown, Virginia. Our plans changed mid ride and we ended up in Washington DC 4,200 miles later. You can read all about our Transamerica ride on our blog page. The most surprising takeaway from our trip is that we both had such a great time we decided to take another journey. This Summer we have planned a 3000 mile loop through Europe starting and ending in Dover, England. We will ride through five countries, unsupported, and taking it day by day.         

There is still a lot of planning and decisions to be made but were making progress. We have been in contact with a couple who Pastor a church in Dover, England and they will be holding our bike cases for us while we make the trip. We are looking forward to getting those pedals turning again. Can't wait to have the wind at our backs and the uncertain, unplanned road of surprise before us.            

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