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Where will you begin?

We will begin in the great state of Oregon in the coastal town of Astoria. We hope to dip our toes in the Pacific ocean to commence our journey. 

What is the total distance?

We will be riding the Transamerica trail which is 4,253 miles. If you want to know more about the trail click on this link.

Is your ride supported?

No. We have chosen to carry all of our gear with us so we can be self sufficient. 

What states will you visit?

Ten states in all: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Where will you end?

We plan to dip our toes in the Atlantic ocean in the town of Yorktown, Virginia. 

Where will you stay?

That's a great question and if you know please let us know. Seriously, it looks like we will stay wherever we are welcome. Sometimes that might be a motel or a designated campsite or a wilderness site or a city park or a church basement or maybe a fire station. The sky is the limit!    

How long will it take?

That depends on how fast we want to travel. In the beginning we plan to have a few weeks to break in so we may cover 30 miles a day. As things progress it is reasonable to cover 60 miles a day with some rest days in between. We have set aside three months give or take a few days.  

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