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Days 49 - 51

Day 49            07/06/23

Last night we found out that our planned campsite for the next day was no longer available. So we looked into all kinds of options and decided to ride 70 miles to the next campsite. Unfortunately, that meant we couldn't meet Michael and Angela for breakfast. We were grateful that we had pitched our tent under a large awning so we didn't have to pack away a wet tent.

It was going to be a beautiful day with sunny skies and flat trails for riding. The topography is starting to change and become more hills and mountains. But we are still riding along rivers and canals which usually means we can cover longer distances.

We rode through the town of Besancon where the bike trail leads you through a tunnel that runs under a 1000 year old military installation, The Citadel. We stopped for what we thought was lunch just on the other side of the tunnel. I say that because it wasn't long before we were hungry again and found ourselves eating burgers at a canal-side cafe. It is a good thing we did because we had another 30  miles to ride and we needed the calories.

Along the way we met a guy by the name of Jocelyn from Paris. He drafted behind us for many miles and we would stop and chat and ride again. Eventually he faded in the distance and we pedalled on. As with each new person we meet we try to learn something. He taught us some new words and straightened out our geography a bit.

We made it to the campground Les Lumes in L'isle-sur-le-Doubs around 5:00pm and headed out for groceries, pizza and of course a beer. We plan to take tomorrow off to catch up on our laundry and to plan out the week ahead.

Keep it rolling

Scott and Sarah

Rode 70 miles

Day 50.        07/07/23

Yesterday we took the day off and did laundry and grocery shopping. We learned how to play gin rummy so we kept ourselves occupied with that most of the day. After dinner we spent a good deal of time talking with Will and Rona, a father and daughter, about their cycling adventures. She has been cycling the world for the past two years and he joins her along the way. Amazing stories of rides through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They are presently on their way to the Black sea.

During the night we had the most wicked rain and lightening storm that I have ever experienced; coming from a Coloradoan that is saying something. The lightening was solid for an hour and I was glad to be in my aluminum poled tent. Suffice to say we didn't sleep much.

Keep it rolling

Scott and Sarah

Day 51 07/08/23

It was overcast and wet when we woke up yet the forecast was for sunshine, could have fooled me. We did see improvement on the horizon and we were able to pack up our, fairly dry, gear. As we pulled out of the campground a man offered us a free breakfast somewhere down the road but we were on a mission so we had to decline.

I have started to develop a heat spot arising on the back 40, similar to last year. We thought it would be best to be proactive so our priority today is to look for a bike shop and purchase a new saddle.

Thankfully one was open on a Saturday morning and for 110 euros I was back in the saddle again. Time will tell if this changes my pressure points, I sure hope it does or I will get to find out how good the Swiss medical system is!

The day warmed up to the mid 80's with some humidity but not a bad temperature. Tomorrow is supposed to get into the 90's and then cool down again. Along our ride we picnicked and even stopped at this incredible ice cream shop right on the route. Sarah had a coffee ice cream sundae and I had fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream and strawberry swirl with whip cream. Definitely getting the cholesterol checked when we get home.

We have found that the Europeans are far more used to crowding than we are in the US. When you choose your campsite it won't be long before someone else plops their tent down next to yours. That would not happen back home but the weird thing is they usually don't talk to you. Everybody keeps to themselves and I am like, "Hey neighbor what are you cooking over there?" As I said before no one seems to know what language each other speaks so it's easier to say nothing.

Arrived at our campsite in Mulhaus and it was roasting. We set up the tent and showered but decided to leave the cooking up to the snack truck. There were only two things on the menu and we had no idea of what either one was. When we asked the language deficiency left us using Google translate. Even Google could not translate the menu so we rolled the dice and ordered. We are still not sure what we ate but we were hungry so I went back and ordered more. While we ate dinner we met Tim And Fe, a couple from the UK. We had such a great time chatting with them that we didn't realize the time. At 10:30 we finally called it a night.

Keep it rolling

Scott and Sarah

Rode 48

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Are those storks up on top of that pole?

Replying to

I think so. We stayed at a campground that had several nesting pairs with chicks. It was fantastic!

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