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Essential travel list...

How much stuff are you bringing with you on this trip? That seems to be the most often asked question that I get asked. Three months on a tandem bicycle has a significant impact on how much you can bring. In fact, the question really becomes, "what do we need?"

I was introduced to a man recently and his first question was, "how many pairs of underwear do you bring?" He really asked that like it was the most important question. I know that may not be driving your curiosity but I will provide our list and that answer will be included in the items.

Anyway, we are just weeks away and we have some packing to do so I will leave you with this thought. The things you think that matter the most, are really not things at all but people. People are precious and things are things. Hold on to those you love and let go of the junk that clutters your life. Travel light in your heart.

Keep on Rollin,



Biking gloves

Mitten liners

Bike shoes

Bike shorts x2

Bike undershorts x 2

Underwear x2

Bike shirt long sleeves x2

Undershirts 1 


Fleece pullover

Down vest

Socks x2

Baseball hat

Skull cap 

Patagonia liners  (for warmth)

Other pants x1 (thin travel pants, black)


Flip flops

Sunglasses and regular glasses

Swim suit

Rain jacket

Rain pants

Rain booties



Tool kit - Essential tools

TireTubes x2

Xtra Tire

Repair kit

Chain lube

Electrical tape

Duct tape

2 cleaning rags



Water bottles and carrier


Playing cards

Bike lock

Head lamps

Bike lights

Pepper spray

Ground tarp for bike

Camp stove and gas

Plates, utensils etc.

Sleeping bags

Needle and thread

Sleeping pad





License, passport and credit card


Cords and phone chargers

Ear buds



Stamps/post cards

paper and pen

Selfie stick

Charging cube

Solar charger

Self defense stick

Car rental Information

Health insurance policy

Bring cash                                                                                   Medical kit/medicines

Food storage bag

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