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Euro Loop days 1-4


The first 96 hours have been a whirlwind. Leaving Denver was an absolute rush of anxiety. The line for security was nothing I have ever experienced before. After 10 minutes of walking we finally reached the end of the line to begin our wait. With little progress the departure time was drawing ever so close and we thought for sure we were going to miss our flight. Along comes this woman offering express TSA checkin and immediate access to the front of the line if we give up our finger prints and a retina scan. Think what you want but we took the offer.

Another ten minutes go by and we are walking through the scanner and running to the train and I mean running. I think I had more adrenaline

coursing through my veins than when I parachuted from an airplane or bungee jumped from a bridge. A heart attack comes to mind but I was too busy trying to catch a flight! We finally arrived at our seats and hunkered down for a long flight. It was then that the attendant came on the speaker and said there was a schedule change and a new pilot was on his way. Go figure!

Arriving the next morning at Heathrow we had to catch a van ride to the car rental agency. Sarah jumps in the back seat and I proceed to take the

front passenger seat. It soon dawned on me by the expression on Sarah's face, and the drivers, that the "American" was sitting in the driver's seat. I am sure that I'm not the only one who has made such an easy mistake. Why do they drive on the wrong side of the road?

After picking up the car rental we took another two hours to drive to Dover and check into our Airbnb.  Sarah had to keep me awake for the drive as I was wrecked. Dover is a town on the coast of the English channel, adorned with much history and known for their amazing white cliffs. Our hosts are a wonderful young couple with four kids. Dave and Laura have recently started a Vineyard church in Dover and have a heart for the downtrodden. We spent Saturday sleeping most of the day and reassembling our bike. But Sunday, we walked the streets with the church and saw their committment to loving their community and feeding the homeless.

Today we made reservations to cross the English Channel by ferry. I do not mix well with ferries and the channel does not look like a perfect glass day at lake Powell. But never fear, I am amply supplied with Dramamine which will make all the passengers happy. The jet lag is still hitting us hard but the time has come and tomorrow we head to France to begin our pedalling journey. We will catch you in a few days from the other side of the Channel. Bonjour!

Keep it Rollin,

Scott and Sarah

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