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Hola, Week 12a

Thursday, Mar. 7

We landed in Panama City and caught a connecting flight but it was an incredible scramble to get to the domestic terminal to catch the flight to David. While on the flight I sat next to a guy who prepped me for the driving skills I would need to navigate in Panama. He said, "Pretty much keep your head on a swivel and you will be okay." Having driven in Patagonia for three months it felt fairly tame.

Our destination is the town of Boquete which is a forty minute drive up into the mountains. Our friends Regis and Marcia have a house there and we plan to stay for four days. We arrived in this beautiful gated community which looks like a picture out of "Jungle Magazine".

We pulled into the driveway after stopping for breakfast and were greeted by our hosts with open arms.

After unloading our bags we plunked down in some very comfy chairs on a veranda overlooking a golf course set admist a tropical environment. We talked until early evening and went out for dinner. The whole dinner for the four of us with tip, ran $23. Unbelievable!

Keep on rolling,

Scott and Sarah

Friday, Mar. 8

Slept all night with the sliding door open accompanied by the sound of the river flowing through the valley. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and had a few cups of coffee on the Veranda.

We had booked a coffee tour for the day and as we got ready to go I felt a migraine coming on but I pressed ahead. By the time the tour started I was really feeling awful but I didn't want to miss out because how often do you get such an opportunity?

Our guide was a riot and did a great job explaining the whole process. I wished I had felt better but it was still very interesting. By the time we got back to the house I had enough energy to flop into bed while the rest of them pulled together some dinner and ate. I was hoping a good night's sleep would take care of my head.

Keep on rolling,

Scott and Sarah

Saturday, Mar. 9

Another beautiful morning and I was feeling a lot better. More chatting on the Veranda and then we headed out to get some breakfast.

Back at the house it has been nice sitting around in the afternoon breeze relaxing and chatting but sooner or later shopping was on the agenda. So we headed back into town and wandered around the shops. We picked up a few items but we made certain not to miss the ice cream.

We were treated to a nice fireworks display in the evening. Regis and Marcia's veranda overlooks the valley and the clubhouse. An event was happening at the clubhouse and the fireworks were part of the festivities. It was like the fourth of July without all the crowds!

Keep on Rolling,

Scott and Sarah

Sunday, Mar 10

Another slow day under the beautiful Panama sky.

I helped Marcia cook a wonderful breakfast and we took a tour of their community in a four seater golf cart of sorts.

We ended the day with a nice Italian dinner at a local establishment. Tomorrow we get back on the road and head out to the coast. Our friends have made us feel so at home, it has been a wonderful visit.

A little history. During covid I walked into Home Depot to get some paint. Somehow I wasn't wearing a mask and I noticed a woman sitting on a five gallon bucket of paint also not wearing a mask.

So I walked up to her and jokingly said, "You need to put on a mask." It took a few seconds for her to notice that I wasn't wearing a mask and that began a conversation. She told me that her husband was just a couple of aisles over and I should go meet him. That began a rationship with Lance and Diane.

To make a long story short we met for dinner a few weeks later and it was followed up with an invite to their house for dinner.

The night we had dinner at their house we met their neighbors, Regis and Marsha and the next thing you know we struck up a friendship. From Home Depot to Panama with a wonderful couple who have opened up their home to us. Covid was not all bad.

Keep on Rolling,

Scott and Sarah

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It’s quite disturbing being away for so long. We still live in March, in Panama May allready started?


Beautiful and what a lovely "meet" story.


With friends like that who needs Air BnBs.


Wish we were there with you!

Lance and Diane

Replying to

But you already had your two weeks...

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