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Please let me share with you two stories. We have mentioned before that we met a couple from Holland who are cycling around Europe and we have kept in touch via What's app. I got a text from Wim the other day with a picture attached. It was of Wim (the tall guy) then me or so one would think. I sent the picture to all of my family and wrote the following. "Our Hollander friends came upon my doppelganger...what do you think?"

They were all confused thinking that I was saying the guy on the left (Wim) was me. You may be confused as well, so take a moment and zoom in on the littler guy and you will find he looks similar to me from a distance but definitely not as handsome close-up.

Second. If you have been reading our post with some consistency you will remember how I mentioned the size and height of certain Europeans. Once again the winds of the mighty north (Wim) blew and he had something to say in a comment he posted about the forementioned subject.

"Why are Germans and Dutch so tall? Or why is Scott Bonaparte so ‘petit’? That is the question. If we look at Sarah, we might conclude that you missed some meals during your lifetime. Anyhow, Germany, where do you think the hamburger and frankfurter originated? Keep on eating."

Well I am doing my best to eat as much bread as I can. Maybe Wim is right, burgers and hot dogs might do the trick yet somehow I doubt it is going to add any vertical growth. At this moment Sarah is down 10 pounds and I am down 6. It is hard to imagine we are losing weight with all the bread consumption. We plan to keep on pedalling...and eating.

Keep on rolling

Scott and Sarah

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