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A Big Change

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

We have been taking a serious look at all of our options and we have decided to change course and head north to a new destination, Washington DC. This will be our last map that we post because we don't have a sectional map going forward but we will still be blogging. A couple of our goals are that we can avoid some of the heat and we don't have to go through Kentucky and face all of the dog attacks. We will finish up the above map at Chanute and head north from there. Our new route will include some rail trails for about 600 miles. Not totally sure how our rode bike will handle it but we will see. In Chanute, Alexander, Cambria and the kids are coming to spend the night at our hotel. It will be great to see them and then we will push on to the East coast from there.

Keep it rollin...

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