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Expect the better!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

You have heard it said, "Expect the best and prepare for the worst." I think there is some wisdom in that especially if you understand the realities of this broken world. But in the past three months I have been pedaling a tandem bicycle, with my wife across America, experiencing a nuanced reality to the aforementioned. It goes something like this; "expect the better because it usually is." Those who know me well know that I am not a, name it and claim it, mind over matter, power of positive thinking devotee. Stuff happens and it's not always good but most of the time all the hand wringing, long anticipated, sleep robbing anxiety, usually turns out to be self inflicted mounds of nothing.

While cycling through this great country we have been warned about shoulderless roads, winding mountain passes, long, tediously exhausting grades, wild animals, domestic dog attacks, dangerous people, dangerous cold, perilous heat, brutal headwinds, torrential rain, unbelievable humidity, sleepless nights, doubting discouragement, muscle aches, saddle sores and punishing detours.

Usually, everyone we meet leaves us with the parting comment. "Be safe." I am not saying that the above isn't true, it certainly has been a part of our journey. After a while you begin to wonder, "Am I ignorant of reality or do they know something that I don't or should I be more cautious and look at life through a more protective lens living in the confines of perceived safety?"

What I have concluded is life without risk is not life at all but fear. And fear is usually driven by things that aren't true. Fear may be keeping you from expecting the better. If you don't fixate on the noise of those around you or the voice within you, you may find that what you couldn't see before turns out better than you expected.

Whatever you may be facing let me encourage you to take a small step forward. Too much of life is missed by trying to play it safe. The sun will rise and the sun will fall, what happens in between begins when you decide to live life. Go live the dream that fear has robbed you of and I have a sneaking suspicion, if you expect the better it usually is.

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Love this!


I love this, it definitely resonates with me. We enjoyed you both so much❤💙


Aug 29, 2022

Fantastic counsel, my friend....

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