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Alert! Breakdown update.

Friday, Jan 26th

In a nutshell the timing belt snapped and it has to be replaced. The not so best news is, the part is 1,200 miles away by bus on mostly dirt roads. We were told it could be a minimum of 7 days before it arrives but in all honesty, we have no idea.

Our accomodations are changing everyday because we are in such a small village there is little available. We plan to spend the weekend in our van at the mechanics yard and then we have a small accomodation for the next five nights.

This country if full of dogs at every turn and they seem to relax in the most odd places. This old boy was laying right across the entrance to the mercado not bothered by all the traffic. Sarah and I are having to trust it will all work out just like this old boy.

Keep on rolling,

Scott and Sarah

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4 則留言

The adaptability and flexibility you two have exhibited—this trip as well as the previous two—convicts and humbles me! Praying for you during this current challenge!


Rod Potter
Rod Potter

Do they have any tandem bikes you can rent to complete your journey?


"The not so best news" - classic. These make the best stories....... maybe not while you are in them.


We are so sorry to hear this. We will be praying it gets fixed sooner and you all back on the road to continue this amazing journey we enjoy following. Great memories! Kevin

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