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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

So we were enjoying the day yesterday at Mundo hot springs when we entered into a conversation with another couple. It is no secret that Idaho tends to lean more conservative and the Trump signs are planted like flags dotting the landscape.

As we were conversing it became apparent that our new acquaintances leaned to the left and we lean to the right. In any event, the lady made a comment as to the cultural changes that have been happening in MaCall, ID. She said they visited there 40 hears ago and it was a "scary town with a bunch of gun toters."

Fast forward to today. We walked into a diner called Seven Devils in the small town of Council, ID. We were dressed in our biking clothes, and no kidding, all heads turned. We were definately the visitors and looked the part. The people in this town are all ranchers and loggers and this local diner is the real deal.

We sat down at a table with a deer mount looking right at us and ordered lunch.

Across from us sat a young father and his three boys who had ordered some burgers for lunch. When the waitress brought their order to the table my mind kicked into action. I said to Sarah "I wonder, what would our hot springs acquaintance have said to her husband about their meal?" To which I immediately responded with, "Look honey, they are serving assault weapons in those burgers to those boys."

Sarah about had her drink come out her nose because she was laughing so hard. I got up out of my seat and asked the boys if I could snap a photo of the burgers. I think it is high time we pass a new assault burger law!

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2 comentarios

Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson
12 jun 2022

Very funny and a lot of truth lol

Me gusta
Contestando a

Yeah it had us laughing.

Me gusta
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