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Day 10-11

Day 10

Left Corvalis on a chilly morning and headed to Eugene. Along the way we ran into a couple (John and Deb Carver) in Harrisberg. They were on a three day bicycling trip and had ridden the Southern tier (SanDiego to Florida) in 2018. They have some friends who are 1 month ahead of us on the Transamerica trail and they put us in touch with them. It has been good to get some intel from them. The ride was in little traffic and the countryside was beautiful. But it is allergy season and we both had faucets for noses. Stopped in Coberg for a well deserved cup of coffee and scones. We saw an amazing shoe tree just along side the road. Left you a snap up top. Made it to Armitage campground in Eugene and set up camp for the night. A shower, dinner and a few friendly games of Farkel and off to bed. I won for a change.

Rode 41 miles today.

Day 11

Got up early and I mean early. I looked at my watch and it said 6:00am so I tapped the bride for an early rise. She got moving but things slow down when you are trying to pack camp and your tent is soaking because of the dew. We put our clothes on in the tent that you can't stand up in unless you are really short (I know what you all are thinking). Thankfully we worked on the abs all last year doing boats which come in handy slipping on the bike shorts. After we were all packed up and getting ready to mount our steed Sarah checked the time and somehow it was only 6:20am. Let's see, according to my watch it was 6:00am when I woke her and it took us a little over an hour to pack, eat and use the restroom. Oops my watch was still on mountain time and we had a great laugh, kinda. We rode off and immediately went four miles off route. We found our way back and spent hours and hours riding next to some amazing rivers.

Found a campsite later in the day in McKenzie Bridge and decided to make some horderves

before dinner. A cracker with cheese and some fresh rasberry jam followed up by the main entree of bean, avocado and cheese burritos. Off to bed.

Rode 57 miles today

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Pete Schwab
Pete Schwab

You know a gentleman would let a lady win in any game 🥊

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