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Day 3-6

Day 3

We left Astoria on Monday afternoon and had to cross a very trafficky bridge within our first mile. What a scary baptism by fire but we got across in one piece. After checking the map we realized we took the wrong route which is why it had so much traffic. Sarah handled it like a champ but we both exited the bridge with elevated heart rates. Arrived in Seaside too early to check into our hotel so we took a ride down the beach promenade and met a couple, Mark and Ronnie. Super nice and they signed up for our blog. Went out for a great seafood dinner, walked on the beach and called it a day. Rode 18 miles.

Day 4

Woke up early to drink a protein shake and got to pedalling around 7am. Headed to Cannon beach looking for a cup of coffee everything was closed except one local roaster whom everybody seemed to find. Cannon beach is a honeymooner's delight, absolutely beautiful. Headed down to Manzanita for some groceries. I wanted to buy some lifesavers but Sarah thought we needed to eat more healthy. Protein drink, banana, tortillas, peanut butter, avocado, bowtie chicken pasta, but no candy. Kept on pedalling down the busy 101 and it came into view, Dairy Queen, a godess just when I needed her. A little hesitancy from my bride but once she got her lips on that Chocolate cone it was all over. Somehow that didn't count as junk food and I think she is getting the idea. Headed into Tillamook of the famed Tillamook cheese and got a motel one star above camping status. Rode 50 miles.

Day 5

Woke up to rain, ugh! We put on all of our rain gear including shoe covers. It reminded me of the plastic suits we wore in high school to make weight for a wrestling match. Within an hour of riding I was was drenched inside my sauna suit. But the ride took us off of the busy roads and we were in the country. We rode over the mountains on a dirt road to the ocean at Sandlake. So peaceful riding along the inlets and bays with bald eagles, and herrons and sea gulls flying overhead. Stopped at a country store where the owner had a three legged dog. Her son acidentally ran over the dog with his truck. The bathroom lock was genius (redneck) just take a look at the pic. Incidentally Sarah bought some lemon donuts with a protein drink, just saying.

Moved on to Pacific city and had breakfast in a small cafe. It hit the spot. It was a long uphill ride from there through an amazing rainforest to our final destination in Rose lodge. $10 to camp in an RV park. Bean burritos for dinner and off to bed. We finally turned from the coast and the long trek east begins. 55 miles today.

Day 6

First night in our tent went well. So glad we upgraded all of our gear. We got a late start around 9:00am but planned a short day. Tons of traffic on the route which makes all things tense. It is amazing how close a logging truck can get without hitting you! Had a few long uphills; training us for our first real test which will be in the Cascades. Stopped for ice cream and an egg burrito and a protein shake and almonds and dried mangos which were just the appetizers before our chicken alfreddo dinner. We ended the day camping at the county fairgrounds in Rickreal, OR. $15 included some very nice showers. Thank God I have a great wife that doesn't need a five star hotel. Last night was a one star campsite and the fairgrounds is a solid 2. Looks like rain is coming so we gotta button up. Rode 38 today.

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