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Day 7-9

Day 7

We awoke from our fairgrounds campsite to the whirring of a riding mowers blades rotating through the lush grass. Because the forecast is for three days of solid rain we decided to head to Corvalis and hole up in a Comfort Suites. The ride was only 26 miles with a little rain but some beautiful countryside. Not a lot to report other than we got a roof over our heads for the next few days and a bed and a T.V. for some mindless relaxation. Saddle sores are now becomming our friends as well as sore quads and calfs. A few days rest will be a welcome reprieve. Rode 26 miles

Days 8-9

Sure enough it has rained the past few days so we have laid low at the Comfort suites relaxing in the hot tub and watching a little TV and tuning up the bike and eating some good food. We plan to head out early tomorrow morning and ride toward the Cascades. They got some some snow the last couple of days but it looks like the weather will be favorable. We thought we would show you a couple of pics of what three months of clothing looks like.

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