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Sarah's historic photo

Once in a lifetime comes the photo of your life and sure enough it came. As we were riding along one morning we happened upon this old abandoned church building. You know the kind with white paint and siding and steps leading up to it. The words on the side of the building caught Sarah's attention and she light up like a Christmas tree. The word came down, "stop the bike I have to get a picture!" That bike doesn't stop on a dime it's more like a freighter but I did my best to whirl it around. She told me that the letters on the side of the church matched the name of her great grandfather George McMillan. So she had me standing out in the street with the camera as she posed herself facing me in front of the sign. Within seconds of the historic shot Sarah turned to take one last look at the sign memorializing her great grandfather when she suddenly realized something was amiss. She pivotted back around and I could see the look on her face of great dissappointment which immediately turned into gutteral laughter within seconds. The name up on that church building fell prey to mistaken identity. It was not George McMillan but rather George Millican. We both broke into laughter but I stayed in the street to which Sarah said, "what are you doing," to which I replied, " I am still going to get the shot as it makes for a great story."

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