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Tools for the Journey

We will be on the road for three months and that always has some consequences with your diet, sleep and daily exercise. Before we left we decided to set a goal of returning in better health than when we left and avoid the dreaded bathroom scale of shame upon return

What? Setting healthy goals while on a vacation/journey? I can't think of a better time and a better place. Argentina has some of the best meat in the world and Chile will provide an abundance of freshly resourced produce and hiking adventure.

To ensure our fitness goals we assembled an array of exercise bands and cobbled together our own workout program tailored to our unique needs.

We figure at this stage of life it is wise to have some tools available to us to keep fit for the life God has given us. Hopefully with no injuries and lots of good memories we will return home and enthusiastically jump on the scale. So far we have had a good run but we keep hearing about the brutal weather ahead which may keep us in the van more than we want.

Keep on rolling

Scott and Sarah

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