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Buckle Up!

We just arrived home from a trip to Utah. We stayed with my son, Kyle, and his wife, Sierra. I must mention that we squeezed in a great day of powder skiing. One day while shopping in an antique store I noticed a belt hanging on a nail that must have been Paul Bunyon's. I have never seen one so long. Kyle and I strapped it on. This morning I got my first look at that picture. Two things immediately came to my mind; "Who is that old man and my wife is very trusting." The first part of that statement needs no affirmation from the audience but the second could use a dose of explaining. I was strapped to the backside of Kyle, he was in the lead and had most of the control. I went where he went. I turned where he turned. I stopped where he stopped. His view was unobstructed. Are you getting the picture?

A tanden bicycle has two riders. The rider on the front is called the Captain and the rider on the back is called the Stoker. Both have two very distinct roles. The Captain steers and brakes and changes the gears to account for varying terrain. The stoker assists in pedalling, staying balanced, keeping an eye on the traffic and wondering why the heck they ever agreed to be a Stoker in the first place. To be honest Sarah has told me on many occassions that she does not want to be the Captain. I'll tell you what, every Captain needs a great Stoker and every Stoker needs a great Captain. I thank God for that, because even if Jesus was the Captain of our tandem it would take a miracle to get me onto the Stoker's seat! Keep it rollin Scott

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