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I'm hungry.

A common phrase on any road trip can be found in two words, "I'm hungry." Today marks the beginning of our 30 day countdown and we are already wondering, "What's for breakfast, lunch and dinner?" This is no ordinary road trip!

As you can see in the picture, our cooking capacity is very limited which requires some creativity. A normal daily caloric intake is somewhere around 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day. We estimate our daily needs will run around 4,000+ calories per day, per person.

Now imagine you have no refrigerator, and you are riding a bicycle with a very limited capacity to carry much weight, what do you cook and eat all day long for three months? Healthy food tends to go out the window and gas stations look to be the daily go to. Of course there is the occasional meal at a restuarant and some opportunities to pick up supplies at a local grocery store.

So we are on the hunt for ideas on what to cook on a one burner stove that is nutricious, tasty and healthy. Over the road we will figure it out but if any of you have some great ideas bring it on.

Keep on rollin,

Scott and Sarah

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