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One of these days

We are just twenty days out until we take that first stroke of the pedal. On most days it seems like the moment will never come and on some days I am concerned it will. I suppose that is normal when your future is layered with uncertainty. It all sounds so simple, you start on one coast and end up on another.

It has crossed my mind that attempting to ride a tandem bicycle over 4,200 miles with my wife, is not everyone's dream, but what is there not to like? Don't answer that question. I have already seen it played out on many faces. It doesn't seem to matter who it is, family, friends, strangers, when I mention our plans I inevitably get the look that says it all, "You're crazy!"

Maybe I am but I have never personally thought of myself in that light. I have always thought of myself as fairly sane and rational. What I find crazy is saying to yourself, year after year, "One of these days I'm going to do this or that." Here is the takeaway, "one of these days" almost always turns into "none of these days" if you don't make the plans to pursue it.

You may not have my dream but I bet you have a dream. It may not be on a grand scale but it is no less of a dream. Don't let others squelch it or fear delay it or uncertainty deny it. You will not regret the dreams you live just the ones you let die.

Keep it rollin,

Scott and Sarah

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