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Pack Light

Think of the last time you went on a trip and you were told to pack light. You were probably taking a short weekend trip or an overnight so you would soon be back to your normal routine with all the comforts of home.

We are planning to be gone for three months or more carrying all of our gear: clothes, cosmetics, shoes, sleeping bags, tent, ground pads, pillows, maps, electronics, cooking gear, utensils, tools, first aide, water and food, on our tandem bicycle.

So when I told Sarah that we need to pack light and it's got to fit in this bag, she was excited, not. She keeps reminding me that she is a woman. And I keep thinking, "Am I missing something?" She has the same size bag as me! But just so you know, I do get it yet that doesn't change our storage capacity.

Here is the clothing list we have agreed upon. Each of us will bring this with slight modifications. Let us know if you have some recommendations other than, "You are crazy!"

Bike helmet

Biking gloves

Warm mittens

Bike shoes

Flip flops

Shorts x2

Riding shorts x2

Underwear x2

Biking shirts x2

Undershirts x2

Fleece pullover

Micro down vest

Socks x2

Baseball hat

Skull cap


Travel pants


Rain jacket


Keep it rollin,


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6 comentarios

Pete Schwab
Pete Schwab
01 abr 2022

That looks like your old pooch?

Me gusta
Pete Schwab
Pete Schwab
01 abr 2022
Contestando a

We’re homeless. Chuck posted a pic of your old doggie 🐶

Me gusta

We just pulled all our gear together yesterday; tent, sleeping bags, pads, cook ware, shoes, maps, electronics, clothes, everything we plan on bringing and we are around 50 pounds including our paks. So we could pack PJs but then where would we wear them? I know...Walmart!

Me gusta

Hmmmm, how about a set of PJs for those days you just want to forget you're actually on this trip and want to lounge around and not in your bike gear? Or if you're like me when you get out of the hot tub you're going to need at that first hotel stop.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Biking shorts will be my pj's

Me gusta
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