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The Winter is Almost Over!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The now and not yet. That is a great statement that readily applies to my life. At any given moment I have my hand in something whether it be remodelling my house or skiing down a black diamond run or learning how to dance or hanging out with friends and family around a BBQ filled with grillin goodies.

Most people find the now amazing and satisfying but for me the not yet looms on the horizon beckoning me to come. It's not that I don't enjoy the now but the now always accomplishes it's goal, it ends.

On a trip to Costa Rica our family and friends were enjoying a rich summer day relaxing on the veranda and meandering in the pool. That's when my wife noticed my absence and found me at the computer surfing the net. Over my shoulder she could see what I was up to and not to my surprise she said, "What are you doing?" True to my nature I was working on the not yet while enjoying the now.

Some people think that is wasting the moment but others get it. For me it keeps my life rolling forward knowing that I can enjoy the moment and have more to look forward to. We just came back from 4 days in Crested Butte and had a great time. Did I have some planning going on in my head while away? Absolutely.

Winter is almost over and summer is coming. Do you know what that brings? More opportunities to enjoy the not yet that is planned in the now. Sounds confusing but you heard me right.

This summer's "Not yet" is our tandem bicycle ride that was planned in the "Nows"

of past chair lift rides or summitting 14ers or even riding our tandem in the recent past. The winter may almost be over but summer is just around the corner and I can't wait. Keep it moving forward and have a great summer!


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Mar 15, 2022

I wonder how many alpha males God actually made🤔🤗

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