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To Carry or Not to Carry?

The question has come up more times than I can count, "Are you going to carry a firearm on your bicycle trip." It is certainly something that has been on our minds but the jury is still out. We recently began a conceal carry class and I quickly found out that I married Annie Oakley. She has deadly aim but that doesn't necessarily equate to use of deadly force. The question of, "Can I use deadly force on another human being," is one of deep introspection. Sarah made a great point the other day, she said, "Carrying a lethal weapon seems contrary to the mode of transportation and the peace that comes with riding a bicycle." For me it's not the danger that comes with riding but where and who we run into after we park it. In the meantime we are moving forward on acquiring concealed carry permits but we have also purchased pepper spray as an alternative resource and looking into a good defense flashlight. To carry or not to carry, that is the question we have yet to determine. Keep it rollin Scott

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