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The What Ifs...

With 65 days till we shove off I have people asking me, "Aren't you afraid something bad is going to happen on your bike tour?" And my answer each time goes something like this, "Do you mean, what if we get run over by a car or what if we get a flat in the middle of nowhere or ride into a horrific hail storm with no shelter for safety or be bitten by some unneighborly dog or what if we run out of water in the middle of nowhere or lose control of the bike while taking a long downhill or be attacked by a bear or better yet a human etc., etc., etc!" My answer is always, "Of course."

But here is where my sense of adventure and freedom comes to fullness. Nothing worth doing rarely goes according to plan yet it all seems to work out somehow.

If life is an adventure then it always comes with some inherent risk, always.

We just spent the last two years hiding behind masks that somehow protected us from a perceived enemy. People stopped living and relating. Did anybody feel like they grew and thrived and experienced the adventure called life? Most would call that fear and inprisonment and regression.

Don't let life pass you by because of the what ifs! Whether you are planning to ride a tandem or have kids or move to a new location or change jobs or learn to ride a motorcycle or go on a sailing trip around the world, hope for the best and move forward. The possibility of the worst may never come and if it did, all the planning in the world won't change it. I think whatever does come my way I will figure it out in the moment and have great stories to tell for many years to come.

Keep it rollin,


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What if I can't figure out how to post:(

Scott Dontanville
Scott Dontanville
Mar 20, 2022
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You did.

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