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Ups and downs.

Subway is a franchise that has made its name in cold cut cuisine. But whenever I have ordered a six inch sandwich my curiosity kicks into high gear. I bet some of you can relate when your internal measuring tape falls short of that six inch claim. I know I have had many of their sandwiches fall short of the magic number, but curiously, I have never had any sandwiches exceed it.

But recently my internal measuring tape ramped up when I discovered a certain number that exceeded my expectations, 217,138. That's two hundred seventeen THOUSAND one hundred and thirty eight feet in elevation gain as we cycle from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia.

In any context that is a sizable number but in our context, it may as well be the distance between the earth and the moon.

Truth be told, that number is astounding to me and another reason for people to think, "Your wife is a saint." But that number is the choice we both made to move forward together. As with all choices there woll be ups and downs that are certain to follow. While cycling along the other day we had just finished ascending a steep incline and I blurted out while gasping for air, "that was nothing compared to the two hundred seventeen thousand feet of elevation we are going to pedal!"

With all the calm and saintliness Sarah could muster, she replied, "We will do it one pedal at a time." Keep it rollin, Scott and Sarah

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